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Chapter 576: Arranged by Zhai Yaohui

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“No.” Qiao Nan shook her head. “The guard on duty said that the higher-up had given the instructions that I was allowed to enter.”

“Wait a minute, why couldn't others go in except for you?”

“I thought it's your dad?” She thought that Officer s.h.i.+ had instructed to forbid Qiu Chenxi from entering Brother Zhai's room, while she could be allowed entry.

s.h.i.+ Qing shook her head. “Impossible, my dad could not have arranged this. Given his situation in the camp, to put it bluntly, aside from being more experienced than Brother Zhai, his rank is similar to Brother Zhai's. He has more or less relinquished all his duties and power. He has already handed over everything to Brother Zhai to handle. He has no real power, and at most, he will do some administrative work. Hence, it is impossible for him to make such arrangements. Right now, could it be that the political commissar has the say over Brother Zhai in the camp?”

“Impossible!” Qiao Nan rushed to deny. “Only a few people know of my relations.h.i.+p with Brother Zhai, and the political commissar is definitely not one of them. Besides, why would he give such instructions without an apparent reason?”

It did not make sense.

“Then, I am really clueless.” s.h.i.+ Qing gestured that she had no idea. She might have a high IQ but she had low emotional intelligence. Qiao Nan had to figure it out by herself. “Okay, it's late. I will send you back now. Otherwise, your dad will be anxious.”

“Alright.” Qiao Nan sighed. “Fortunately, Brother Zhai's injuries are not serious. If not, I would be very worried.”

“Say no more. If I knew that Brother Zhai's injuries are not serious, I would not have told you at all. It's so tiring for you to make the trip here. Alright, you can have a short rest. You must be tired.” s.h.i.+ Qing motioned for Qiao Nan to lean on her shoulder to rest. As for her, she was used to the hectic lifestyle of the army and she was in good health.

Qiao Nan was different. She was only slightly better than the average person. She was too scrawny and thin.

“Alright, wake me up when we reach.”


Qiao Nan closed her eyes and fell asleep in no time. It was not because she was exhausted. It was because she had a big fright.

Qiao Nan did not know why Qiu Chenxi was forbidden to enter Zhai Sheng's room while she was allowed entry. Those who knew what was going on must be up to something.

“Chief Zhai, Comrade Xiao Qiao has already gone back.” The political commissar made a phone call to the Zhai family.

“Did she come with the lady from the s.h.i.+ family and in their car?”

“Yes.” The political commissar felt odd to have received a phone call from Chief Zhai. This was not the first time that Regiment Commander Zhai was injured. In fact, he had suffered much more serious injuries in the past, but Chief Zhai had never shown much concern for his son. Usually, it was Madam Zhai who would be concerned. What happened today was unprecedented.

The political commissar was even more surprised that Zhai Yaohui did not call to ask about Zhai Sheng's injuries but called to give him an odd instruction instead. “Tell the soldier who stands guard outside Zhai Sheng's room that he is not to allow entry to anyone except for Qiao Nan.”

“Do you mean Teacher Xiao Qiao who just left yesterday?”



“Do you understand?”

“Yes, understood!”

Until now, the political commissar still could not comprehend Chief Zhai's intention.

He did not understand why Chief Zhai gave him such an odd instruction. What perplexed him further was why would Comrade Xiao Qiao, who had already left yesterday, come back to the camp today to see Regiment Commander Zhai? How did she know that Regiment Commander Zhai was injured and what did it have to do with her?

The political commissar was bewildered.

“How is Zhai Sheng?” Zhai Yaohui relaxed his tone upon hearing that Qiao Nan had indeed gone to the camp and spent a long time taking care of Zhai Sheng.

Since a young age, Zhai Sheng had never gone against Miao Miao and him. The first time he went against his mother was because of a woman. As a father, Zhai Yaohui felt unhappy.

Fortunately, his love was requited. Otherwise, Zhai Yaohui would be very much against their relations.h.i.+p.

His son was so outstanding. He would never allow him to be in a one-sided love affair.

If Qiao Nan had not gone to the camp today, Zhai Yaohui, who had silently agreed to their relations.h.i.+p previously, would have objected to it after this incident.

If Qiao Nan wanted to be with Zhai Sheng, the first and foremost condition was that both of them must cherish each other.

“I heard that after Comrade Xiao Qiao arrived, she mixed the medicine with water and fed it to Regiment Commander Zhai. The wound is quite small. Most importantly, the arteries are not affected, so his injuries are not serious. He should be alright after taking the anti-inflammatory medicine and the teta.n.u.s shot. He should probably wake up tomorrow and will be able to give you a report of the mission personally.”

“What else?” Zhai Yaohui wanted to know every detail.

Though he felt puzzled, the political commissar continued. “Comrade Xiao Qiao asked someone to help wipe Regiment Commander Zhai and change his clothes. Also, when Comrade Xiao Qiao arrived, she brought a chicken with her. She gave the cooking instructions to the chef at the canteen and told the chef to cook shredded chicken porridge for Regiment Commander Zhai so that he can have it when he wakes up.”

“Alright, I will hang up now.” After knowing about everything that Qiao Nan did for Zhai Sheng, Zhai Yaohui was satisfied with what he heard and hung up the phone.

The political commissar was dumbfounded when he realized that the phone call had ended.

What was Chief Zhai's intention behind this phone call and his series of questions?

Though Qiao Nan was Lin Yuankang's little disciple, as she was young and came from an average family, the political commissar, who was usually sensitive and quick to catch on, pondered for a long while but did not a.s.sociate Qiao Nan with Zhai Sheng. He was still perplexed by Zhai Yaohui's behavior today.

Apart from the political commissar who was puzzled, Qiao Nan also did not know that it was Zhai Yaohui's arrangement for her to be allowed entry to Zhai Sheng's room. In fact, she was the only 'special case' that the 'higher-up' permitted to visit Zhai Sheng.

More importantly, this was Zhai Yaohui's test for Qiao Nan.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan pa.s.sed the test without knowing what was going on!

“Who were you on the phone with?” Miao Jing came out from the room. “By the way, has Zhai Sheng returned to the camp yet? I heard that the mission this time is not difficult?”

“He's back.”

“When did he come back? Why didn't he give me a call?” Miao Jing was agitated.

“He returned to the camp this morning. As he suffered slight injuries, he is resting in the army. I guess he will give you a call tomorrow.” Of course, before he laid down to rest, he did not give his mother a call. Instead, he called to talk to someone else's daughter.

It was also because of this phone call that Zhai Yaohui gave Qiao Nan such a test. This phone call that Zhai Sheng made had given Qiao Nan unexpected trouble.