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Chapter 180: Grgrgr…Grandpa, I was wrong.

The rest of the students, too, slowly calmed down from the shock.

Everyone looked in the direction of Achen, and saw Feng Chuge rubbing his little face, pinching one after another–

It turned out that this little doll knew their Xiao s.h.i.+mei. No wonder their Xiao s.h.i.+mei, who has always been taciturn, didn't get angry.

Feng Chuge finally withdrew her devil's claws. And for a moment, took a good look at the full picture of Achen.

Looking at Achen's delicate little face, she could hardly suppress the urge to pinch his cheeks again. 

This child is too adorable!!

Sitting in his chair, Achen clearly felt the eyes of everyone around him.

The scorching and inquisitive eyes made him frown slightly.

He looked up and swept everyone with a sharp look. 

Those penetrating and profound eyes that swept the crowd around, rattled them up —

What kind of child is this? His aura is amazingly majestic!!

He was dressed in a black fitted brocade, with his long hair tied up, showing only a round face.

Those cold and profound eyes were supposed to be child-like, but the unfathomable depth in them was unlike any child… 

This change in the environment caused Meatball in Feng Chuge's lap whine. 

Achen raised his eyebrows lightly, only to see Meatball curled Feng Chuge's lap.

“Oh, Meatball has grown fat again ~” Achen's lips twitched and amus.e.m.e.nt flashed under his eyes.

That gaze seemed to be saying —

Meatball is fat. He's ready to be slaughtered.

Meatball recoiled at this ambiguous stare. 

Adding the last time he has met Achen, his whole body s.h.i.+vered. 

He lifted his blue eyes and met Achen's chilly purple ones —

Achen: Stupid cat, in the end you still fell into this grandpa's hands. 

Meatball: Grgrgr…. Grandpa, I was wrong… I'll definitely listen to you next time…. If you let me go east, I would never go west.

An arc swayed in the corner of Achen's lips: Too late!

Feng Chuge noticed the s.h.i.+vering Meatball in her lap and smiled. 

These two living treasures still haven't changed. 

But it is really strange to say that Meatball, who isn't afraid of the world, is scared of this little fart, Achen.

Where does Feng Chuge know that Meatball is a spiritual beast and has a keener sense than any other creature in the world? Because of this, he directly determined that Achen is a dangerous person who cannot be meddled with.

"Wife, Meatball is so fat. He must be heavy." Achen finally averted his gaze from Meatball, he smiled at Feng Chuge.


"This doesn't work. Wife, you are still recovering from your serious injuries. He's certainly heavy, so let me carry him." Without waiting for Feng Chuge's consent, Achen directly scooped Meatball into his arms. 

Meatball rebelled violently.

But in the end, his resistance was in vain, and he had to lie down in Di Jue Chen's arm.

Feng Chuge looked at them playing and shook her head with a smile.

Suddenly, a thought struck her and she frowned. 

“How did you know that I'm recovering from a serious injury?”

She stared straight into Achen's eyes as a strange feeling seeped into her heart.

There's always this niggling hunch as the answer. 

Achen grinned, "Who made my wife so powerful that her every movement would spread out through the entire college? Of course, I would know."

Feng Chuge frowned, but eventually nodded.

She desperately pressed down the singularity in her heart, “How did you get into the college? I remember that you're only in the mid-level spirits…”

“Because I want to see my lady …” Achen turned his head and beamed at Feng Chuge.