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Yun Yang was disconnected from his nerves ever since Dong Qitian threw light on his confusion. For the rest of the day, he wore a warm smile on his face.

This puzzled Dong Qitian to no end.

'Aren't you supposed to be more anxious after what I said?'

'Why are you… more relaxed instead?'

'How carefree must you be?'

'It's definitely eye candy when you wear a smile on that handsome face, but they don't really match well with the rest of the group; in fact, it's almost an eyesore!'

The Great Lord Supreme Cloud was now thoroughly engrossed in teaching his protégés. Then, he realized that while there were only slightly more than ten people, they seemed to have a lot going on.

After Yun Xiuxin was bestowed her authority, she came snitching on someone almost every day. Each time Yun Yang saw the girl's head poking out from the hall's door sneakily with darting eyes, he felt a pending headache.

"Master, who and who never listens…"

"Master, who and who isn't diligent in practicing…"

"Master… who and who pulled senior and junior sisters' braids and then they fought…"

Yun Yang was immensely regretting his decision to pa.s.s this little girl the power. It had become unduly annoying, like now.

"Master, Hu Xiaofan hit Lu Changman again today…" Yun Xiuxin snuck in to rat the boy out.

"What is it for again this time?" A large part of the reason Yun Yang was not smiling these days was because of this unique disciple of his. He subconsciously rubbed the area between his brows.

"Same reasons… Lu Changman wore the combat suit today and Hu Xiaofan complained that his shoes were made of leather instead of canvas. He said that Lu Changman was mismatched and looks weird. Then he began beating him up…" Yun Xiuxin said, rolling her eyes.

Yun Yang sighed.

Hu Xiaofan was truly a troublemaker. He had beaten Lu Changman up eleven times in the last seven days using whatever excuse he could find to do so. It was getting preposterous… Sometimes it was by saying Lu Changman did not wash in the morning, sometimes he said that his belt was crooked, maybe his clothes were dirty, or his hair was unkempt, or he did not wear his hat – there was just a h.o.a.rd of reasons…

The most ridiculous one had to be the one used last night. Lu Changman had eaten ten mantous (Chinese steamed buns), one more than Hu Xiaofan; the latter was enraged and cried out, "You actually ate one more mantou than I did! This is a blatant provocation…"

He beat Lu Changman up without saying anything further.

It was not without reason that Hu Xiaofan kept targeting Lu Changman. Their grudges seemed to have come a long way…

There was once when Hu Xiaofan was in the toilet after a rain and a rock nearly a hundred and ten catties of weight thrown by Lu Changman landed in the dung pit, making Hu Xiaofan infamously smell again… In spite of it, Lu Changman did not do it on purpose; he was practicing with Cheng Jiajia with the latter asking him to throw rocks at her, so she could block and hack the obstacles with her sword to train her long-ranged counterattack.

Lu Changman was a guileless one, naturally doing his best when his senior sister asked something of him. It had been smaller stones in the beginning and Cheng Jiajia tackled them easily; she asked for a harder challenge later, using bigger rocks and throwing them farther and higher, telling Lu Changman that it was fine to throw the rocks at his full strength.

Ingenuous as Lu Changman was, he actually went for a large rock and tossed it with all the might he had.

Things were different from earlier on. Lu Changman's cultivation base was not weak while his strength was one of the top three among their bunch of senior and junior brothers. Going full force allowed the rock to shuttle in with a terrifying momentum like it was bringing a storm with it.

While Cheng Jiajia's cultivation base was above Lu Changman's, she was not that much better. The sword was not a heavy weapon as well. Faced with a weighty attack, she was unable to parry it; swiftly avoiding the rock whilst landing a flick, she sent the rock to another destination.

It went straight into the toilet…

After a heavy rain, the dung pit was covered with water. Therefore, Hu Xiaofan was heard shrieking in the toilet before he sprung out, pulling his pants and covered head to toe in excretion. He went berserk on the spot.

Anyone would have gone berserk in the face of such an unexpected disaster. What was more, a mischievous one like Hu Xiaofan!

Anyone who had eyes and could do a little thinking could easily see that Lu Changman was at fault because of Cheng Jiajia; he could not even be considered an accomplice in the entire incident and Hu Xiaofan knew it himself.

Lu Changman was framed.

However, Hu Xiaofan was disdainful to settle the dispute with Cheng Jiajia, a girl, as he called himself a heroic man. More importantly, Cheng Jiajia was supported by Yun Xiuxin and he could not win the latter.

Hence, all his fury was vented on Lu Changman. This caused the boy's wretched misery in the seven to eight days that had pa.s.sed. Even though Lu Changman's response was slightly delayed, he was surprisingly an obstinate one; he would rather die than lower his head submission and apologize.

"I'm not at fault!"

"It wasn't on purpose!"

"I'm not wrong, even if you beat me up!"

Hu Xiaofan was angry and just wanted out, but his wish was not granted… He could only keep going.

Lu Changman was incredibly resentful being beaten up all this time while Hu Xiaofan was constantly fuming from his inability to receive closure. The conflict grew worse as it dragged out. Both of them were spitting fires at each other.

"We're irreconcilable in this lifetime!"

Yun Yang rubbed between his brows and felt extremely drained.

'Ah… What can I say?'

"Cheng Jiajia had unintentionally caused this, then? Or did she do it on purpose to prank Hu Xiaofan?" Yun Yang looked at his most senior disciple.

Yun Xiuxin hesitated and stuttered, her gaze evasive.

"Speak!" Yun Yang slapped the table and looked angry, frightening Yun Xiuxin.

Hearing his holler, the girl paled and her legs gave up on her as she collapsed on the floor, saying with a teary face, "The last… match… Hu Xiaofan won Jiajia… so…"

"You've repeated this reason seven to eight times now." Yun Yang scoffed and gave Yun Xiuxin a side-eye. "I'm asking now, what's your role in this mess?"


"Hmph, if you weren't behind it, Cheng Jiajia wouldn't have done something like this even when she's lost, based on how gentle she's always been. If you have nothing to do with this, why are you rooting for Cheng Jiajia out of the blue? If you don't come clean…"

"Master…" Yun Xiuxin was hesitant. After a long time, she finally spoke blus.h.i.+ng with her feet rubbing the floor and the edge of her clothes wrung in her hands, "Uh… I came up with the idea… Um… Cough… Gave Hu Xiaofan some meds… and watched the timing, then I told Cheng Jiajia…"

"Sigh…" Yun Yang heaved a long sigh.

Herds of beasts trampled all over Yun Yang's mind.

"Can I not be worried about anyone of you for a single moment?"

"This disciple knows it's my fault… I dare not do it again…"

Yun Xiuxin's eyes darted around as she lowered her head.

'Hu Xiaofan is overzealous, actually coveting my position as the eldest senior… His thoughts are enough to warrant his downfall! Besides, since that fellow ate the fruit while he p.o.o.ped, his cultivation progress is too fast… Hmph! It's severely threatened my position as the eldest senior sister.'

'He must be taught a lesson!'