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Chapter 151


Dong Yu, the third of the month of the year 234, the head household of the Murong’s family, Murong Shu Qing, died in the palace. 

The third of the month of the same year, Cang Yue broke its promise, and launched a war again, the country general, Xuanyuan Yi fought with Cang Yue, and finally killed Cang Yue’s lead general, You Xiao who died under the general’s sword, in the middle of the military campaign. During a return trip (to the Capital), he was ambushed by the enemy, and died at Lin Feng Guan border.

Outside the Capital at Yue (pleased) Laike (guest) Zhan (wooden house)

As usual, there were many traders and travelers who pa.s.sed through the area, and were gathering inside the small tavern hall. Traveling was boring so everyone was chatting together about the most usual matters, but everyone was talking about a current subject that was still the hottest event in Dong Yu today. 

A scholar who was wearing a blue clothing unbelievingly sighed: “How can it be? Is the Empress  always a benevolent and n.o.ble (woman)? How can this kind of matter happen?”

A middle age man who was sitting on his right hand side, sneered and said: “All of these women in the harem are vicious!” So many women were around one man, it would be strange if they did not think to play any scheme!

A man who was sitting with him looked at everyone’s high spirits and listened to what they were saying, and he was somewhat anxious when he patted the middle age man to say: “Be careful, do not say any random things.” 

But the middle age man was not concern, he still poured down a mouthful of wine, and said while he felt somewhat indignant: “What I said, was the truth, Miss Murong was so pitiful, she was almost married but was still harmed. General Xuanyuan also sacrificed his life

for the country, they were really a fated married couple.” 

Hearing this, the scholar nodded his head and answered: “Yes, but the Qi’s family is very powerful, so the Bi’s family is finished now.” Who would have thought after dealing with the situation within the Imperial court for 20 years, the Qi’s family still had this kind of strengths.

“I should say it like this, Miss Murong was the beloved daughter of the Qi’s family, if one would exchange in to another daughter, perhaps she was killed in vain.”

“There is the Qi’s family who will ask for justice for her, the Emperor does not dare to give in.”

Everyone was discussing and chatting lively, the boss could not continue listening, so while he was adding the tea on everyone’s desk, he miserably said: “Can you all talk about something else? I still want to do some businesses!”

But the middle age man laughed out loud, and patted the boss’ shoulder, he smilingly said: “Boss, what are you afraid of, who does not talk about this matter in the Capital now. The Empress has been sent to the cold palace earlier, the young prince is given to Imperial concubine De to be raised. Prime Minister Bi has announced his retirement, so who can control what we are saying ah!” 

But the boss remained unmoved, and murmuringly said: “A centipede does not topple over even when it is dead. So be careful.” The matter about the palace, how could these young and ordinary people know. They showed off and talked quickly, when they were done talking, they would leave, but this family’s small place was his whole blood.

The middle age man was laughing candidly, he shrugged his shoulders, and answered: “Alright, alright, I will not say it anymore.”

He did not want to say it, but that did not mean that the other people did not want to hear it, one could

could see that the hanging curtain from the private room was lifted up. A red figure came out of the room, her tone of speech was as fierce as her red clothing, she asked with a somewhat overbearing manner: “Why don’t you say it, did you say that Murong Shu Qing die? Is that really true?!”

Looking at this young woman, everyone did not care about her disrespectful words, the middle age man embarra.s.singly and smilingly said: “Of course, it was true, the Emperor’s announcement already came out, if you do not believe it, you can go and look it on your own.” 

After Wei Na finished listening, she immediately went back in to the private room, and sat next to Mo Can. She was looking at him anxiously, but only saw that he still had an expressionless and ruthless appearance. He was still drinking tea also, so could it be that he was over provoked (by the news about MSQ’s death)? Wei Na lightly pulled down the sleeve of Mo Can’s garment, and carefully said: “Mo Can, Shu Qing, she is…”

“She is not dead.” Mo Can did not wait until she finished talking, and coldly threw out this sentence.

“Really? How do you know?” After Wei Na heard what he said, her anxious heart slowly disappeared. Even though she knew that Mo Can’s heart could not forget Murong Shu Qing all along, but she had to admit that she did not hate her.

Mo Can looked one glance at Wei Na, and only saw that her eyes were filled with expectation while she waited for his explanation, so he sighed in his heart. When did it start that he was actually willing to explain it to her! Mo Can was holding the green tea, when he answered coldly: “Chu Yin has pa.s.sed a genuine energy to her, that is the power that he has devoted himself to practice

to practice for so many years. If there is a protection from this genuine energy, when one receives an internal injury or is poisoned, the genuine energy will seal off all of the acupuncture points. It is the same as being dead, but Chu Yin will have time to save her.” 

Finished listening to what he said, Wei Na opened her eyes big to stare at Mo Can, and she asked: “Do you also have this, right?”

Mo Can did not pay any attention to her anymore, and only lightly nodded his head.

She was already used to his indifferent (att.i.tude), so Wei Na said to herself: “No wonder, when you fell off the cliffs and was seriously injured, but you did not die.” At that time, Master only said that he looked like he was dead for a moment, but did not look like he was dead either. She still thought that Master was muddle-headed.

Having figured out these things, Wei Na was relieved, so she proudly said: “I have said it, how can Murong Shu Qing die easily like this.”

Mo Can bowed his head to drink the tea, the edge of the cup concealed it, but the corners of his mouth still lightly raised up.

Along the ripple of the blue sea, and under the clear and boundless sky, the light blue seawater was so clear that one could see the bottom. The suns.h.i.+ne penetrated the layer of clouds, and the ocean spray was echoing one another to divulge a fresh and cool air, and the breeze was carrying the smell of the salty seawater. On the reef by the seaside, a trace of ocean blue figure was reclining, her extremely fine black hair was tied casually with a light blue headband. Under the pursuit of the sea breeze, the black hair and the ribbon were intertwining within the cool breeze. 

The woman was barefoot, while she was walking on was walking on the soft sand, and would raise her head to look at the raising waves that submerged her feet from time to time. The woman lightly raised her hands to hide from the dazzling suns.h.i.+ne. Feeling a familiar scent behind her, the woman faintly and smilingly said: “You came.”

Xuanyuan Yi embraced the back of the woman’s slim waist, and closely brought it into his bosom, a suffering voice echoed by the side of the woman’s ear: “You really like to torture people, don’t you.” She finally returned to his arms again.

The woman allowed him to hold her, and lightly smiled but did not say anything, she was just enjoying his thick and broad shoulders and the sea breeze. Xuanyuan suddenly turned the woman’s shoulders around so that she could face him, and he mocked with his serious eyes: “Oh right, you did it on purpose, is it right?”

The woman gently smiled and raised her eyebrows: “Did what on purpose?”

Xuanyuan Yi sighed, he lovingly and smilingly said: “Why did you choose Hai Yu?!”

The woman actually answered: “This place is completely cut off from the mainland, Xuan Tian Cheng will not be able to find us ah.”

But Xuanyuan Yi could not be fooled so easily like this, so he looked askance at her and continued asking: “What else?”

The woman did not act shy either, and went into Xuanyuan Yi’s bosom, and disobediently said: “Don’t you think that a new experience will be very interesting.”

Xuanyuan Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard her speaking so bluntly, rubbing the woman’s hair, he helplessly and smilingly said: “It is you who think that it will be interesting!”

The fluttering cool breeze was brus.h.i.+ng the flower petals around the two people’s clothing, they were intertwining together, as if they were within the sea and the sky. 

One would believe that the future days would be very interesting.