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Chapter 141 Am I Still Useless?

Xingwu Emperor listened to Zhao Fu said that Luo Wei was waiting outside the tent. The Xingwu Emperor, who had been annoyed by the loss of a grandson, began to worry about Luo Wei. On such a cold day, did this child rush to Xishan all the way?

“Emperor?” Zhao Fu sneaked into the look of the Xingwu Emperor, and tried to say something good to Luo Wei. “The third son is waiting outside, do you want him to come in?”

Xingwu Emperor took a look at Luo Zhiqiu who stood by and said: “Prime minister Luo, what do you think? Should I see Wei?”

Luo Zhiqiu said with a hoa.r.s.e voice: “I don't dare to guess the meaning of the emperor.”

Xingwu Emperor snorted heavily and said: “The incident happened in Xishan. But the news of your prime minister mansion has been so fast. It was really beyond my expectation.”

Luo Zhiqiu just stood up, but after listening to the words of Xingwu Emperor, he hurriedly squatted.

“Let him go back,” Xing Wu Emperor said to Zhao Fu.

“Yes,” Zhao Fu took his task and prepared to leave the tent.

“Wait a minute,” the Xing Wu Emperor said again: “Let the doctor give him a look and see if it is cold again.”

"Slave obey,"Zhao Fu said and leaved the tent.

“Let the doctor give me a look?” After listening to Zhao Fu's words,Luo Wei had no expression.

"Sir," Zhao Fu advised. "The emperor is angry now. You still have to wait a few days and then come to see the emperor, only in this way, emperor will listen to you."

“I will stand here and wait,” Luo Wei smiled apologetically at Zhao Fu and said, “I don't want the Eunuch Zhao to be in trouble. You can go in.”

How could Zhao Fu dare to let Luo Wei stand outside the tent and blow the frozen? This is the person who is favored by Xingwu Emperor. Zhao Fu hurriedly went into the tent again and told Xingwu Emperor that Luo Wei would not go.

Luo Wei looked at Zhao Fu went into the tent. In a blink of an eye, he saw several doctors walking in a hurry to the tent.

The young eunuch standing outside the tent saw these doctors and rushed into the tent to report. After a while, the young eunuch ran out and said to the doctors: “The emperor let you in.”

When Luo Wei looked at the expressions of these doctors, he knew that Xu's children were gone.

Shortly after the doctors entered, the voice of the heavy object fell to the ground, Luo Wei thinking that the Xingwu Emperor had angered.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Just as Luo Wei thought about how to do when he was thinking, Long Xiang's angry voice came behind him.

Luo Wei turned around and saw Long Xuan walking behind Long Xiang.

After Long Xuan saw Luo Wei, he stood in front.

“Are you satisfied with this?!” Long Xiang glared at Luo Wei's collar and vigorously shook Luo Wei. “What is my brother owing the Luo's family?! The Luo's people have not let him go!”

Luo Wei turned a deaf ear to Long Xiang's anger, he just looked at the Long Xuan in the opposite side, the tiger poison is still not eating, but this person in order to compete for the throne, can actually killed their own children! brute!

Long Xuan also looked at Luo Wei, Luo Wei's anger in his eyes, he could see at a glance, but Long Xuan's eyes could only see indifference.

After hearing the screams of Long Xiang outside, the Xingwu Emperor immediately let Zhao Fu go out and see, “They are all crazy!” Xingwu Emperor has already kicked the royal case in the tent, and this time he kicked his chair to the ground.

Zhao Fu went out to the tent with several emperor warriors and saw Long Xiang squatting at Luo Wei. He hurriedly talked to Long Xiang: “The fifth prince, you can't clamored in front of the emperor's tent!”

Several emperor warriors came up and pulled Long Xiang aside.

“Eunuch Zhao,” Long Xuan went forward and said: “I asked to see the father, you go and inform him.”

Luo Wei went away in the distance, because the closer he was stood to Long Xuan, the more he was suffocating. He was afraid that he could not restrain himself and would die with this person on the spot.

Emperor Xingwu will definitely meet Long Xuan at this time, Zhao Fu come out again soon,and let Long Xuan and Long Xiang go into the tent. When Zhao Fu opened the curtain for the two emperors, he shook his head slightly at Luo Wei.

Luo Wei gratefully nodded to Zhao Fu. This person can still report a letter to him at this time. This friends.h.i.+p had to remember.

All the people who outside the tent looked at Luo Wei. He was a favorite of the emperor, but Luo Ze had ruined the emperor's grandson. How could Luo's family pay the life of the baby for emperor? Xingwu Emperor often praised Luo Wei for his talents, but what can he do with something like this?

Luo Wei's body was like be frozen, and he asked himself what he should do? The thick tent curtains were covered tightly, and the vocals inside could not be heard at all. It seems that he can only wait for the words of the Xingwu Emperor now. The life of his elder brother is in the mind of the king of the country in the tent. Luo Wei is not willingly, he lost to Long Xuan once again,and also to lose a life of his elder brother, he can not be so fatal, if the end is someone dead, he is better to fight.

Just as Luo Wei had already stepped into the camp, he saw Zhao Fu coming out of the tent with several emperor warriors. This time, Zhao Fu did not look at Luo Wei, but went straight with the emperor's warriors.

“The third son,” when Luo Wei was still blaspheming, a young eunuch came out and walked over to Luo Wei and said, “The emperor asked you to go in and see him.”

Luo Wei entered the tent and looked at his father first. Luo Zhiqiu also looked up at Luo Wei, the eyes of the two looked at each other. At this moment, neither of them had concealed their inner anxiety.

“Wei,” Xingwu Emperor sat in a chair that was re-supported by the young eunuch. Not waiting for Luo Wei to bow to him, he said to Luo Wei: “You must see me,what do you want to say to me?”

Luo Wei knelt on the ground and said, “The emperor, my elder brother…”

“I have already decided on this matter, you don't have to say it again.” Xingwu Emperor did not let Luo Wei finish the words, and categorically said: “You have no responsibility for this matter, you don't have to think about it, you just need to rest and recuperate your body.” "

Luo Wei has some stunned, the emperor has a conclusion, what does this mean?

“The emperor!” Luo Zhiqiu suddenly knelt.

“Prime minister Luo, you still have something to say?!” Xingwu Emperor looked at Luo Zhiqiu with cold eyes. “I am already had mercy on your family. What do you want me to do?”

Luo Wei took a look at Xingwu Emperor, look at Luo Zhiqiu, and then look at Long Xuan who is looked down, and then look at Long Xiang. He looking at Long Xiang's look of relief, Luo Wei climbed up from the ground and turned to go out to the tent.

The people in the tent did not react for a while.

“Run after him!” the Xingwu Emperor was the first person to respond, and said very angrily to the people in the tent.

Luo Wei ran to the place where Zhao Fu had just left. He was a little breathless, but he just ran away. The emperor said that he had already reached a conclusion, and he was already kind. Did he want Luo Ze to die, and then he would not condemn other people in his family? He should think of what Zhao Fu was going to do earlier, just as he should have thought earlier that Long Xuan can give up anything for the throne, even his own son also was the same. "Why didn't I think of it? Luo Wei licked himself in his heart, "I lived again, but Luo Wei, Luo Yunqi is still fool like a pig!"

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