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John always loved reading an excellent dark epic novel that has a different kind of flavors and full of thrill and exciting moments. And he loved to be part of it, and he yearned for it every day. So John wrote a book about the world that he would like to be born in to and what he wanted it to be by describing and writing about it. He wrote about many protagonists, and he added endless world building and events.just so that he can lessen this ache and pain that he is feeling for not being able to be in those worlds that he enjoyed.

After when John died he happened to be in heaven where all your wishes and desires will be granted so he wished for himself to be born in the world he wrote about.

but he kept pondering about the many countries and races he wrote about and where will he find the most thrill and action. so he listed what he wanted:

"To be born in Bleddyn family and regain my memories when I am 8 years old in year 30040Kp "

"To be born with a Monstrous talent for Combat and to be born with Shen "
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"To be Born Beautiful and Charming "

"To have the Ability to steal other peoples Abilities."

"To be able to read my book "